Hey there lovelies!!!! Today I have a short review on some body shop products which I purchased a month ago and I have been loving them since then. But before we start the first thing I want to say about THE BODY SHOP is that all the products from this very brand are cruelty free. They are forever against animal testing and do many campaigns on it too. All the products from body shop are organic and have cause no harm on the innocent animals by testing on them. 

THE BODY SHOP strawberry shower gel:


This is the best shower gel I have ever used till now. The fragrance of this shower gel is very fruity and refreshing. It lefts the body very soothing and leaves a pleasant fragrance. If you are more into fruity fragrance than classic fragrance then you must give a try to this baby. 

It has a lather rich but soap free formula with Cold-pressed strawberry seed oil.

Price: Rs 345

THE BODY SHOP satsuma shower gel


The main content in this shower gel is satsuma. Satsuma is a tangerine of a hardy loose-skinned variety, originally grown in Japan.These fruits are also known to possess anti-microbial properties. Satsuma comes packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C. It has a cold pressed satsuma essence and zesty satsuma scent. 

Price: Rs 345

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E gentle cleansing facial wash


These come in a pack of I think  25 wipes , suitable for all skin types. Cleanses all type of make up and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin making it look clean and refreshing at the same moment. 

Price: Rs 500

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Jeans is a everyday thingy for a girl. Whether u r going to the grocery store or for shopping , many a times all u just need to do is wear a jeans and top it up with a t-shirt or a camisole etc.
So I m gonna tell you about five jeans that u must have in ur wardrobe which are so basic that u can style them with any kind of top or tee.

So here we go!

(1.) A skinny fit black jeans


This particular jeans can be considered as an universal jeans 😂. (Just kidding)
No doubt every girl has a jeans like this in her wardrobe.
If u want a formal look all u need to do is wear a simple white or off white t-shirt and carry a simple sling bag and u r good to go with a pair of black heal  or any other basic colored footwear .
If u are just going to the grocery store or shopping wear a simple tee and a pair of cute sneakers and u still stand as a sporty diva!

(2.) A dark blue jeans


This jeans is a very good option for cami tops and fancy tops. It looks very good with coral tops and off shoulder tops. U can also pair it up with a cute tank top .
It gives a very elegant yet a very eye catchy look to your legs.

(3.) Ice blue jeans


This jeans is a for all my girls having a crazy affection for crop tops . Crop tops in off white and coral shades look too cute to not catch attention.
U can also wear sleeveless tees with them.

(4.) A ripped boyfriend jeans


Ripped jeans are in a huge trend these days. These kind of jeans look awesome on cropped t-shirts and off shoulder tops. Wearing sneakers with them give u a very sexy yet sporty look which is very attractive.

(5.) A white jeans!


Some of you will be like what???? A white jeans!!! No it always gets dirty and highlights even a single tint of stain!
Yeah I can feel u girls! But as far as my wardrobe is concerned it is incomplete without a white jeans .
Dark colored shirts , satin shirts and shimmering tops look stunning when styled with a pair of stilletoes or pencil heels or platform heels.

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MAYBELLINE new york Fit me! MATTE+PORELESS foundation

Hello guys! Today I m gonna tell you my experience with the Maybelline new york Fit me foundation.

Disclaimer: This is a blog post purely on interest of my own. I m not a beautician or a makeup artist to tell you or recommend you to use it. I m just telling my experience with it.

Product description:

Product type : foundation
Coverage : medium coverage if u have lot of blemishes otherwise it gives almost a full coverage to your face
MRP : Rs 575
Quantity: 30ml


This foundation is mainly for girls with oily skin but my girls with dry skin can also use it after moisturising your skin properly. I have a very dry skin texture but I love this foundation . This foundation is very good for beginners. It gives quite a good coverage and hides ur blemishes and dark spots to a very good extent. If you have medium fair wheatish skin tone u can try the shade natural buff in 230 . It is very blendable and gives a natural but Matt look . It comes in so many shades.
The right way to choose a foundation that matches ur skin tone is by comparing it to a foundation darker then ur shade or lighter than ur shade.


The Swatch in the above picture may be slightly different than the actual shade due to lights and other factors .

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Pond’s BB cream

Hey guys! We know many of us don’t like going out wearing heavy foundations everyday so instead of that we choose to apply BB creams .
I know I do . So in this blog post I m gonna tell u guys about the BB cream I prefer and in my knowledge is the best BB cream I have ever used. It’s the pond’s BB cream.


Product description :
Product type : BB cream
For skin tone : wheatish medium skin tone
Formula : cover formula
Coverage : light to medium coverage
Spf : 30 PA++
Quantity : 50g
MRP: Rs 350

This is the BB cream for everyday use. If u r just going to meet a friend or at the coffee shop or shopping .. u just need to apply this BB cream and some regular makeup and u r good to go.
This has a light to medium coverage. It doesn’t hide all the blemishes since it’s a BB cream and not a foundation but it sort of gives a light coverage and that good skin finish to your face . It is little bit drying on skin so for my girls having dry skin are suggested to apply a decent amount of moisturiser or cream for that extra hydration before applying this BB cream.


The shade of the Swatch may be slightly different than the actual shade due to lights and other factors.

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My first M.A.C lipstick

This is my first post on WordPress so I thought why not start with my first ever M.A.C lipstick. I m obsessed with M.A.C products. I just love them.

Disclaimer : I m not promoting any of the beauty products nor do they sponsor me. I m just telling my experience on these beauty products.
I m not sure if the products which I mention in this blog post will suit everyone.

Description of the product :
Brand name : M.A.C
Product type : lipstick
Shade : Mehr
Price : Rs 1500
Finish : creamy Matt finish
Quantity: 3g


This lipstick is voww! Trust me guys. It is sort of a mauve shade . It’s creamy and very comfortable on the lips and has a very good Matt finish .


The color in the photo may be slightly different than in real because of the lights and effects .